HATCH Insight

HATCH Insight
Thinking outside the box for healthcare and its data
To generate inspiration that supports “lives”.


Expanding the possibilities of healthcare data
To generate inspiration from insights.

Combining and analyzing various healthcare data to help visualize insights about people. Understanding and sharing these insights with our partner companies, we strive to create and provide next-generation healthcare solutions best tailored for each end user’s needs and requirements.
01.Data Collection
We collect and aggregate various healthcare data across industries including insurance, pharmaceutical and medical providers.
02.Data Analysis
All data is combined and analyzed to provide customer-specific, insightful solutions.
03.Data Leverage
With our partner companies, we provide new services and value best tailored for each end user’s needs and requirements.
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Simple multiplication:
“Data x Professionals”
= maximized value.

Value from data can be fully maximized when it is handled by professionals. Our team, consisting of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, leverage their extensive knowledge and skills to deliver new value for the healthcare industry.
David Tokiaki Yoshii
Representative Director
Nadeem Khan
Bharat Rajaram
Todd Daniels
Tomoyuki Shimada
Damion Howlett
Masanobu Odaka
Shinichi Ogata

Common ID / Non-Insurance Data Consulting

Prior to joining Hatch Insight, Yoshida worked at a variety of companies including a leading Japanese electronics manufacturer, a foreign-affiliated consulting firm and a Japanese think tank. His engineering background add to his value in digital marketing and data-driven DX strategy planning at Hatch Insight.

Common ID / Non-Insurance Data Consulting

In charge of application development projects, system infrastructure creation projects, and maintenance at an insurance company. Working toward creating new values using data at Hatch Insight.

Common ID / Non-Insurance Data Consulting

Handles system development for several enterprises as a "player-coach," carrying out both management and regular work duties as a systems integrator. Has held present position since January 2021. Engaged in setting up and developing new services as well as optimizing existing services.

Common ID / Non-Insurance Data Consulting

Horinouchi, experienced in IT, has previously held a role in healthcare big data analysis at a foreign-affiliated pharmaceutical company. He later led AI implementation at a major insurance group. At Hatch Insight, he focuses on data science collaboration between insurance and healthcare.

Common ID / Non-Insurance Data Consulting

Usui holds a science PhD specializing in Mathematical Physics. In 2017 he moved to the private sector where he was responsible for AI-related business. He joined Hatch Insight in October 2020 and is passionate about creating new value through "AI x healthcare".

Common ID / Non-Insurance Data Consulting

Nishihara has experience across several foreign-affiliated insurance companies and comes to Hatch Insight with extensive knowledge in infrastructure development as well as system planning, development, operations and maintenance. His background allows him to develop new technology-based services.
Information Management
Takeda joins the team at Hatch Insight with diverse experience in information security gained while working at an insurance company. In 2020 he has also taken a part in setting up Hatch Insight. He continues to develop his knowledge base regarding privacy governance frameworks which is indispensable for our data science services.
Business Administration
Yamamoto previously worked in application development for insurance and held various positions in sales, project management and data analysis. Upon joining Hatch Insight, he is eager to take on the challenge of creating new value.
Business Administration
Based on his system solutions experience for life insurance, Takahashi moved into a new role at an insurance company in 2004. His scope of responsibilities at the company included infrastructure systems build-up, operations and maintenance. In 2020 he joins Hatch Insight Business Administration.
Business Administration
With 13 years of experience in the insurance industry, Isayama has taken various roles in systems development tailored for the company and its agencies. With her expertise in the field, she has taken a part in setting up Hatch Insight and focused on providing infrastructure that keeps projects running smoothly.
Business Administration
Sugiyama joins the team at Hatch Insight with expertise in customer experience improvement. In her previous career, she analyzed customer feedback to improve the customer experience that truly reflects underlying customer satisfaction. With the team at Hatch Insight, she looks forward to the new challenges of delivering new value to customers.
Insurance Data Consulting
Experience with receiving insurance contracts, agency sales, product planning and development at an insurance company. In 2021, started conducting data analysis as a project manager. Working to create new values via data-driven solutions at Hatch Insight.



From inspirations to customer-specific solutions.
We offer services and support for all “lives”.
By making full use of healthcare data, we aim to help build a society where each one of us can stay healthy and enjoy everyday life. To achieve that goal in the society we are living in, “combining various kinds of data” plays a key role. For example, imagine that combining and analyzing the data can connect patients with optimized treatments. Solutions tailored to individual needs. Tackling each and every challenge, we aim to enrich people’s lives. While protecting customer privacy, we leverage data to elicit Aha! experiences. Hatch Insight offers innovative solutions for health issues that our society is currently facing and supports people’s lives.
Representative DirectorDavid Tokiaki Yoshii
Company Name Hatch Insight K.K.
Address WeWork the ARGYLE aoyama 6F, 2-14-4 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established July 15, 2020
Board of Management
  • Representative Director : David Tokiaki Yoshii
  • Director : Nadeem Khan
  • Director : Bharat Rajaram
  • Director : Todd Daniels
  • Director : Tomoyuki Shimada
  • Director : Damion Howlett
  • Director : Masanobu Odaka
  • Statutory Auditor : Shinichi Ogata
Shareholder AGV Management Services Japan Ltd. (100%)
Business lineup
  • 1. Data collection, processing, analysis, research, dissemination, and consultation regarding medical, healthcare and insurance industries.
  • 2. Information system design, development, sales and operations management.
  • 3. Information services regarding medical care, healthcare, and health insurance.
  • 4. Health solutions support services for members of health insurance associations.
  • 5. All other businesses incidental or relating to the foregoing.


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